Chayapum – Photos de Kittima

Rice field


Bridge to fields

Teng Rang forest



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5 responses to “Chayapum – Photos de Kittima

  1. Nice photos! I like the first one the best… Can’t wait to get over there and start wandering around.

  2. Pix from my girlfriend! I’m wandering around with a massive CANON Kiss n Digital with 3 different lenses and she just have a pocket canon camera…


  3. Beautiful photos! Love those greeneries!!

  4. lucianop19

    Here are some links that I believe will be interested

  5. superbex photos, surtout les rizières !
    J’arrive ici en passant pas chez Gilles de Vinivi.
    Vive la blogosphère !!!
    Bon je continue ma lecture.

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