A cool movie showing Mauritius

France in English but also Mauritius in English.

I had this idea of showing something really nice about mauritius.

I’ve found a really nice movie on Mauritian Sega, our traditional dancing with porn of colorful dresses and shaking bellies.
I’ve also found this movie. I like it because it shows the bright and shiny part of Mauritius. It’s easy to guess that the average mauritian doesn’t spend his lifetime riding huge turtles and going at sea on sail boats. Yet it is accessible to us mauritians.

When I will return to Mauritius, I will do my own documentary of my island.



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10 responses to “A cool movie showing Mauritius

  1. je vais avoir du mal à te lire maintenant que tu passes à l’anglais… bah, je m’y habituerai.

  2. Rima

    J’achète mon billet demain!!!!…..

  3. Oui Nico, pourquoi l’anglais ?
    Et pourquoi pas : ène zoli pays …

  4. Because:
    1) My girlfriend speaks English.
    2) Everyone including french speaking people speaks English but only a few French speaking natives speak French.
    3) 80% of the internet is in English. The 20% left is not French, it’s shared with the rest of the world.

  5. 2) On the 2nd point I guess you meant “only a few English speaking natives speak French”. I guess it makes more sense but everyone corrected that point already. 😉

  6. I read myself a few days ago and I thought “huh?” but then I think this is what I really mean. A few French speaking natives (French people and others like me) speaks French. The english community doesn’t.

    This is a torn way to say that the french pool of readers is very small… I got a tortured mind.
    Concerning common sense, French speakers speaking French is quite good a sense.

    I didn’t correct it. I knew someone would eventually raise the point. French people are picky! (They are still the majority of my readers).

  7. Okay! Now i know why you speak in english!
    Sarong looks colourful on google images!
    Hurry up, i wan’t my Sarong present! : )
    Merry Christmas to you and your friends…
    Je cherche mes mots quand même… Pas facile mais on s’y fait, comme tout !

  8. Mauritius can offer you pure moments of relaxation in your holidays.
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  9. I’m looking forward to that documentary. It would be nice to read something about a place from a resident’s point of view. Also, reading about Mauritius holidays other than its tourism highlights would be a delightful change.

  10. Antoine

    ENGLISH A lovely touristic documentary however far from reality, watch ‘paradi an dey’ and you will see what is Mauritius.
    FRANCAIS Un joli documentaire pour les touristes toutefois loin de la realite, regardez plutot ‘paradi an dey’ et vous verrez ce qu’est l’Ile Maurice.
    KREOL enn zoli documentair me li loin de la realite, ou bizin guet ‘paradi an dey’ et ou pou trouve Moris.

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