Care to help people?

This is one of the greatest difference with living in Thailand or Mauritius.
There’s a huge amount of activity I can do on week end outside of selfishly enjoying myself on a trip somewhere or in a bar at night with friends.

I can’t count the amount of time I’ve seen someone crash in Thailand, in Mauritius, or even this morning in Paris. Most of the time it involved a motorcycle of some sort.

And all the time, the only thing I could do is check if that unfortunate person is taken cared of by people around and walk away… Now… Walk away is not that bad and I would actually suggest it to anybody around an accident just sight seeing…
I feel that not knowing first aid, the best think I can do is go. But I don’t like it!

In Thailand, there was nothing much I could do. I mean, just try to get a first aid class there! It would be all in Thai any way and I would probably end up heart massaging someone who just need to drink a little water!

In France, I just go online, searched “premiers secours Paris” and found a class, which is provided for free but not to everyone. You must have a good reason. For the first aid guys, they have to make sure their time is well spent and you will actually use your skills.

Now, I’m waiting to see if they consider me a good candidate. I’ll write a new blog post later to tell if I’ve been chosen or if I’ll walk away the rest of my life… If I want to survive in Paris, I think it’s a good skill to have 🙂


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3 responses to “Care to help people?

  1. sandy

    First aid skills are useful, period. It should be free and available to everyone. I want to take a refresher course now but wait, I’m in Bangkok 😦

  2. Ji

    That’s brillant idea ! i wish you will be chosen to the class at least you have good reason that

    ” one day, when i visited or back to thailand again, i can help countless motorbike accident victims there ! ”

    That’s kind heart of you ! i can see.

  3. Ji

    But it’s strange that where the place like thailand, there is not much first aid course offering, i know there is at red cross , an ree du nan road but you can learn at specific time only . We should have more and promote it in website as your link. coz there is a lot of accident these days. especially, songkarn holiday is coming, there is high rate of accidence during that time. due to playing with water. I m still catch a cold maybe i will be only person who not enjoy this tradition way druing songkarn and hiding myself at home or somewhere.:)

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