It is said that kittens raise blog’s stats

let’s see if it’s true:

A scared kitten

A scared kitten.

playful kitten

And a playful kitten.

Now I let it cook for a little while


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5 responses to “It is said that kittens raise blog’s stats

  1. sandy

    What a sad little attempt to lure more hits to your blog, well it worked, I love kittens. Oh you are smug.

  2. Ji

    look like thai cat !! are they paristian cats? nico
    i went to french party last night…feel shy in big group of french. je n’ai parle pas, j’ai ecoute seoulement.

    comment ca va ? i sent u some email but haven’t get any response back. To visit your blog is the only way to see that you are doing well.

    nice tips to prevent pick-pocket 🙂

    miss u

  3. Kitties! Miaaaaaooouuuuu! Minouuuuuu miaaoouuuu?
    yes that works!

    Regarding Thai cats I think they do not often look healthy as those.

  4. I fell for it…who doesn’t like kittens? Did it raise your states at all?

  5. Anonymous

    Yes, you did lure me here with the promise of kittens

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