Paris is burning around the Olympic flame!

The Olympic flame to the Beijing Olympics is in Paris right now.

The problem is that with the Tibetan rights protest and human right in general, brought to light recently, French people is not really happy about this.

It’s important to know that The Olympic board gave the Olympic games to Beijing in exchange of the promise that China would improve human rights.

Sadly, improvement to the eyes of french people is not there…

They are very proud that human rights is born in France.

Facing this, there’s the fact that China is a huge market that politicians and business men would love to tape into.

The background is set and now that the flame is in Paris, a few hundred people are trying to stop it.
They even tried to completely extinct the flame with extinctors. There’s police everywhere, the runners are running under strong escort.

All in all, this buzz is only about one thing ultimately: Change the world to the best.

But in this field, there’s a man standing out. I haven’t follow up the American presidency much until I heard a speech. It’s my next post.


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3 responses to “Paris is burning around the Olympic flame!

  1. Ji

    I heard about the protest as well.

  2. Ji

    there are nothing happen here even we have lot of chinese blood people in bangkok.

  3. the flame is coming soon. I heard that there is at least one thai who refused to carry it

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