Opera garnier

A sunny day at the opera Garnier. It’s 18:00, I’ve decided to take a walk to place de l’opera and take the bus 81 to Chatelet from there. It’s a very nice sunny day and french people are doing what they do best: appreciate the sun.

Cafes and Brasseries opened their windows and tables overflow on the sidewalk.
It’s an amazing warm spring day. A great day to survive in Paris.

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4 responses to “Opera garnier

  1. sandy

    It would not make sense for people to stay in with all the beauty that surrounds them. Yes the sun helps too 😉 Love the buildings.

  2. that is also a meeting point for people before going eating/walking another place. I just love it but that is so hard to get a pic of it with traffic around too. ;o)

  3. Bourouf

    “french people are doing what they do best: appreciate the sun”

    I am french and it’s a totally wrong sentence.
    What french people do best is love, of course. And it’s well known.
    After, there is cook, wine, cheese. And it’s link to the love activities.

    what ??
    a oki, i go out ^^

  4. Rim

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Rim.

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