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What’s Linux?

I’ve found out that Whatever I write here, get displayed in facebook so here goes 😀

Also, I’ve got a message from someone asking me to blog a bit more about discovery I know that it was about discovering thailand but it was not mentioned. This is my over passion in par with photography.

In my home, we have 2 laptops, and from time to time a third one that my step daughter bring with her. They all have Linux installed 🙂
So question what is Linux?

When someone buy a computer, it usually have windows install on it. The technical term for window’s nature is Operating System, or OS for short. The reason for an OS to exist, is that without it, the computer would be just a pile of devices stuck together by way of cables and wires. We somehow, have to get something out of it. That’s what the OS does.  The OS in a computer is like a government in a society. It sets the rules for usage and behavior of the computer resources (CPU, RAM, Hard disk)

What most people don’t know, is that there’s not just Windows.  There are alternative to Windows. The next most famous one would be, I guess MAC OSX. This one is probably my 2nd favorite. My favorite however is Linux Ubuntu.

More than words, here’s a few pictures:

This is Ubuntu Karmic Koala. Bringing some spirituality in this geeeky world. :p

It’s default theme used to be an orangy/brownish color not making unanimity with everyone. But it’s highly customizable and I like a blue/icy feel to my GUI (Graphical User Interface). So here goes, I went to my Appearance menu, checked what kind of windows frame I could find. There was none I liked, so I clicked the button “Download more themes” and found this cool white thin windows frame with nice round buttons. They take colors when hovering over them.

I then went to background, and, even though there’s a large choice, I was still not happy,  so I checked online again and got the drops.I changed the colors inside my windows to be a very light blue for the icy feel and match the background. I made my terminal semi transparent (bottom left). I went to my task bar properties (top and bottom of the window) and changed them to be semi transparent white.

In firefox, I looked for something looking quite blue, I found the blue cat theme. It took about an hour to set it all. It’s pretty easy. The time was mostly spent on browsing things like shopping.

It’s also possible to control the way things should behave, so I’ve enabled extra effects and I’ve configured the right hand corner of the screen to display all windows as you can see here. This will happen simply by moving my mouse at complete top right. The background takes a dark pitch and the active application is brighter. The selected one will be on top.

I’ve decided that by moving my mouse at the complete left corner of my screen, I would display all my desktops. This allows me to organize things the way I want (one deskop for games, one for chat, one for internet) It simply makes the desktop less messy when I’m on one or the other. It has a zooming effect when coming in or out of this display.

Finally, but not least, Linux has no viruses. The reason is that to install anything, a password would be required. Modification to any sensitive part of Linux won’t be allowed. The only place it’s free for me to toy around endlessly is my “home” folder where I save all my files, music downloaded stuffs etc…

Warning: Even though Linux is free of viruses, typing your password in a fake website is still possible so users can always fall for tricks like fake web page requesting your information, personalized email etc…

Finally, a video showing all the features that compiz (the program allowing for cool effects in linux) can do.

Note: This video has been uploaded in 2007, all these effects are available in stable version.


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