What’s up with thai politics – A taste for democracy

Here we are, 3rd day of protest in Bangkok, Thailand.
The red shirt, a movement of mainly grassroots extract Thai people are currently giving blood to try to make a difference. How can they reach such extreme to hope and have their words heard?

It is quite true that Thaksin Shinawatra has had a huge impact on the current situation. He has been made a champion of the people by providing cheap medical care, small loan, to farmers and even (and I witnessed this) solar electricity to hill tribe people. And during that time, with the support of the grassroots people thanks to his cheap scheme, he was milking the country for his own benefit. His greater plan can be summarized like this: Giving crums to the poor for a licence to milk the country.

Today, everybody focus way too much on Thaksin as the source of their problem. It is said that the red shirts want Thaksin back and their march serves only this purpose. True, the red shirt would have had much more credit and would have had their voice heard if only they could detach themselves from Thaksin.

This is not the cause of the problem however. Thaksin, in his greater scheme didn’t foresee that by giving perks to the grassroots people, he made them realize that they have rights. They possess the power to vote for whoever they want and these politicians are better off doing good to them. For who wins the countryside, wins the election as Thaksin rightfully showed. The time for cheap bribes are over, they can get more than this.

Now these people are exercising their right. But this shakes a very old establishment where the elite think and do and the people follow.

To avoid dealing with the avant of this huge power, the yellow shirt, another faction of largely well off Bangkokians suggested that grassroots people shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

They see this as a solution because if there was an election today, the majority of the thai country, the grassroots people, would vote for a party supporting Thaksin and friend.

The reason for that however is that grassroots people are not given an option. It would be a very sound reasoning for all parties to start realizing that advocating a politic agenda introducing the grassroots people and the countryside at the center would win them the election. If crums was enough to win the grassroots people heart, surely they could get a lifelong support by providing a snack as an alternative. Something more bold, more rewarding to them. Schools, Education, Library, investments.

It’s very painful to see that they seem to realize that but choose to find another alternative not involving the right to the people to vote.

As a result, after the red march stops and the red shirt go back to their provinces, a slow burning fire will keep going under the ashes until one day another champion of the people stands up and win their heart again.

Thaksin in Thailand’s history has simply cristalized all the passions bottled up in the country. Thailand will last after Thaksin’s death some day but the country divide will remain until the province’s voices are heard.

Link: thai intelligent news – red shirt gets global

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