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Where do women stand in the Linux community?

I was wondering recently if women like Linux, know about it and use it? Are they active in Linux promotion?

In short: Yes! And it felt good to see that Linux is just not a man’s toy pushed on women by their despotic husbands because that’s the way they want it at home.

It feels good also to see that the mainly masculine Linux community support Women in using Linux and in the community.

For starters, there’s the Ubuntu Women forum on ubuntu forums.
There, women will find resources on how to get more active in the linux community as a women.

There’s also Linuxchix, a community of internation linux active women 🙂 I love the name.
Their goals are here.

Finally, last but not least, Canonical’s CEO, the company developing Ubuntu is a woman 🙂

Jane Silber

I feel compelled to thank every women merely using Linux or actively promoting it for making Linux and our community incredibly more sexy. There’s a touch to the way women do things that man simply won’t be able to reproduce.


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