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French Quizz about cheese


1) Which country is named by french people: “The other cheese country”?

2) How many different cheese there are in France?

3) Which area of France has particularly strong tasting cheese and even worms in it (for some of them)? There are different answers.

For some of those questions, I don’t even have an answer yet. I do know the strongest tasting cheese in France because I smelled it personnally.

The next culinary step will be on wine and the next one after on foie gras 😀

Oh! And optional question because UK is France’s bestest enemy: Is there more than just cheddar in UK?

Also, I’ve found some truth about cheese, for example, did you know that some cheese are made from something called “caillette” which is used to turn the milk into cheese. This caillette comes from young bovine stomach (how do we call cow’s babies anyway?).

Which  brought me to this striking truth: To really appreciate cheese, we must not know how it’s done.


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