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My laundry

I live in a small studio and I don’t have a washing machine. So, I have to include the little weekly trip to the laundry into the weekly routine.

There’s this problem that I don’ t really look like I’m not from here. so people expect me to know things I’m not supposed too.

I went to the laundry the first time with a bag and I started emptying it on the counter and the woman behind the counter looked at me as if I was crazy. She had that look meaning: “what the hell does he think he’s doing?”

When she decided to give a little explanation, it turns out I have to bring a bag with me which will remain here to fill my laundry.

See? This is not normal for me. In Thailand, the rare times I had to do my laundry, they would take it, stick it in some sort of bag they keep, for themselves. When I come back, it’s all wrapped up and it’s my problem to bring a bag along with me to carry it. I could just hold it if I wish to carry it that way with no bag…

Here’s the catch, it doesn’t sound extraordinarily bad, but when she gave her explanations it had this feeling that I had to feel bad about it.

So! After all the rant she finally decided she had a bag, it’s fine this time, but you’ll have to bring something next time.

Next time has arrived.

I go fetch my stuff and I have to admit they do an excellent job for a pretty inexpensive price in the centre of Paris.
She asked, do you get your ticket? Instantly I thought “crap”. So, I look at her with a little dash of guilt and explain that I don’t but I can go get it right now, I leave very near.

She said: “Nooooooo. I can’t let you do that. I don’t like to move people for no reasons. But you understand it’s very important for our accounting. Please bring it next time. I’ll find your shirt. It’s a very special shirt. You don’t have to be angry.”

It is special. She had no idea how special this shirt is to me.

I tried explaining that I’m not angry it’s just more convenient that way.

But then, I had to leave to my friends place and I went to my appartment to grab my laptop. I took the ticket too and here I am back to the laundry. I’m not going to wait a couple of days just so I look like I’m not angry when the subway station is just 30 meters away!!!

Voilà! Here I am again.

“Oooooooooh. You didn’t have to be angry! I told you you could bring it anytime. You didn’t have to bring it right now.”

“I’m not angry!” (I was actually getting angry x)

I finally told her: ” you know, you’re the closest laundry and obviously doing a good job. Im definitely not changing anyway”

She replied: “Thank you humbly” I never hear anyone use this kind of expressions Oo

It seems people are nice. That woman is not a bad person, but it seems that it takes a lot of effort to get through the shields up against a new person. I think that behind the ranting parisian there’s a nice heart when the shield is pierced.

My biggest challenge is to have people realize that when I’m acting weird, it’s not because I’m weird. It’s because I’m not french despite all the cheese I can eat heartily.


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