experience #2: Ok. Kittens to attract people doesn’t work. Are ostrichs better?

Last time I posted a few kitten pictures, which, to answer questions, was indeed Thai cats (but not siamese cats which is indeed from Thai origin – Witness the evil 2nd trial to attract people talking about kittens on an ostrich post).

So, today i’m going to try some ostrich. Why ostrich? Because I think it’s one of the most funny looking and acting animals in the world. Try to film a show in the middle of ostrichs and you’ll always have a neck springing out on the side of the screen!

They got this Oh-no-I’m-not-planning-anything-Just-walking-by-Keep-going attidude.


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3 responses to “experience #2: Ok. Kittens to attract people doesn’t work. Are ostrichs better?

  1. So they were thai cats? Wow those ones were really nice ones. If some kitten like that come across my way they may finish home! ;o)

    Personally I still think cats will attract more people than those annoying long-neck birds.

    Well I am waiting about an article on the metro now…

  2. momo

    very funny! i prefer those animals

  3. sandy

    Ostriches are alot more entertaining but come on! the kittens are soooo cute.

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